Free Download – Learn Spanish Conversational Skills

If you are looking for a free download for learning Spanish conversational skills, most of the first tier of interactive audio Spanish learning programs have one. Some you cannot download but can listen to and interact with online.

The first tier of interactive audio Spanish learning programs with an emphasis on conversational Spanish, consists of Rocket Spanish, Learning Spanish Like Crazy and FSI Spanish.

All have sample lessons that you can sign up for and take for free, either by downloading or listening to them and interacting with them online. Each sample lesson is a free download to learn spanish conversational skills.

These are in the way of “free samples”, given out in hopes that you will like them and be influenced to buy the full learning course for conversational Spanish. Fully downloadable versions of the learning programs can be downloaded 24/7 for around $100.

All are excellent courses, with Rocket Spanish probably the best of the lot. All give out free samples.

Another approach is to start with learning how to learn languages in general. There are books that teach this, “science of learning languages”, as a whole separate subject.

For example, there is a new Breakthrough Language Learning course out recently that teaches you how to learn how to speak, read and write any foreign language, quickly. It uses an interesting and extensive range of mind tricks and memory techniques.

The idea is, rather than drag through the drudgery that language-learning can be (using traditional classroom methods), to get in tune with how your brain works and use it to best advantage.

It is said that we only use 10% of our brain’s potential. They claim to show you how to unlock more of your brain’s potential, with great results.

There are several books available along this line of thought and approach. An interesting part of Breakthrough Language Learning is (getting back to the subject of free downloads!) that they also give you a list of 176 websites that offer free language-learning software and lessons for downloading.

So instead of buying a language learning course and studying it, you could get a book on how to learn any language, and, knowing that, could provide your own packaging framework to learn the language of your choice from the free sources.

Either way you get some free downloads to help you learn spanish conversational skills!

Get Free Downloads – Learn to Speak Spanish Software and Lessons

The best “learn to speak Spanish” learning programs often offer free downloads, learn to speak Spanish software and lessons, to teach you some Spanish and to help sell their products. These free sample lessons are of the best quality the makers can manage, because they want to make a good impression with them.

For example, Mauricio Evlampieff’s Rocket Spanish (the leading learn conversational Spanish course) offers a free 6-part mini course in Spanish valued at $37.00. The lessons in the mini-course are useful and you will learn some useful Spanish whether you decide to go ahead and buy the full course, for under $100, or not.

Patrick Jackson (FSI Spanish) will send you six whole lessons from FSI Programmatic Spanish, for free, because he is convinced that these lessons show off his product well and many will be influenced to buy the full course for $97. These lessons are sent to you via e-mail, six lessons, one a day for six days.

Marcus Santamaria, author of Synergy Spanish, offers free “Synergy Spanish” training to ‘test drive’ their product and give you a taste of what their Spanish-learning system and their “multiplying Spanish” approach can do for your ability to communicate in Spanish.

Lessons come to you by e-mail and include free e-book chapters, flashcards, audio lessons and a free subscription to the ‘Synergy Spanish Tips’ newsletter. Just register for Part 1 of the course. Of course, they want you to buy their full Spanish learning course for $39.95, but you don’t have to.

And there are still more free downloads learn to speak Spanish software packages available!

Dave Rivera, creator of the Surefire Spanish learning package, offers free lessons with tips on how to learn a language, keys to pronunciation for any language, why you must learn complete sentences when first learning a language and how to learn the proper tempo of a language.

These are specific Spanish lessons in pdf files. They use their “Natural Method” to learn Spanish grammar fast. They also associate new words with pictures which makes learning easier. All this is demonstrated in their free lessons, which they use to promote their $37 Spanish learning course.

Even Carlos Miranda at Latin slang for gringos (which he writes as “Latin Slang 4 Gringos”) offers free Spanish resources to help you learn vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and more for free. This to help promote his course in Latin American slang which sells for $27.

Latin slang for gringos is not a full Spanish-learning program. It is an insiders’ guide to understanding Latino slang, made especially for Northamericans whose first language is English. It’s to enable them to understand what Latinos are really saying when they use slang expressions not found in most dictionaries!

As you can see there are many free downloads, learn to speak Spanish, software learning programs available. To get more info on any of the above, just follow the links below.

For more Spanish-learning resources and free downloads learn to speak Spanish software, visit: free downloads learn to speak Spanish software

Is There a Free Download to Learn Spanish Conversational Basics?

The Internet started out as a “free” place, with much value exchanged for little or no cost. Even today there is much free information. So people who want to learn a language often look for the free sites asking, “How can I learn, what can I get for free”

And there are freebies out there. Just Google ‘learn spanish free download’ and you get about 1.9 million hits! There are plenty in abundance of websites offering free downloads!

But when you look at them they can be quickly sorted out into two categories: 1. Free sample downloads of some bigger product that is for sale and 2. Some quick short learning experience or other product being given away because it can’t be sold.

The number 2 group is a general example of the idea that a free giveaway, like free advice, is usually worth about what you pay for it!

The free samples in the number 1 group, on the other hand, are small samples of the best quality product that the vendor has to show off. They are good, useful, and they actually teach you something. You have a chance to learn on two levels. First the obvious level of what the lesson is about. And second, the underlying lesson of what kind and quality of product is the vendor offering.

Learning a language is an all-encompassing endeavor. It cannot be accomplished by a few simple lessons, although the process can be started that way.

If you are serious about learning Spanish, you need to get a complete course to teach you everything you need to know to be at a certain level. You need comprehensive coverage, not just random snippets of learning.

And you will need a comprehensive learning program on audio media. You can’t learn pronunciation from a book, from the written word alone!

So the answer to the question of, “Is there a free download to learn Spanish conversation basics?”, the answer is “Yes” and “No”

Can you download something useful in helping to learn to converse in Spanish? Yes, certainly. Especially the category of free samples of complete language-learning programs.

Can you learn about how different learning programs teach Spanish while you are actually learning some useful Spanish? Yes, you certainly can.

But can you get a free download that will teach you to converse in Spanish? That is highly unlikely. After all, if what they were offering was any good they would put a price on it and sell it! The fact that they can’t/don’t choose to tells you something…

Things that you pay for will have to be good quality to be sold. The vendor cannot long sell worthless merchandise, must give guarantees, refunds, etc. Free stuff, well… you are not supposed to look a free horse in the mouth, they say. You have no control over the quality!

And the way you speak, your command of the language, your accent, will all say so much about you. Every society judges people, their social status, their education level, their family and origins, by the way they handle the language of that society. Your Spanish will define YOU. You can’t afford to have a second rate education!

When you can get the best interactive-audio learning course for under $100, it just doesn’t make much sense to take chances with (unsaleable) free products!

Invoice Example – Free Downloads and 5 Things You Must Know

If you are using a limited company as your payment structure you will need to raise invoices for the services you provide or goods that you sell, this article explains how to prepare one with an example, the best practices you need to know, double taxes case example, proforma invoice example and in the end I will give you tips about how to find a good invoice example online, I will also include a couple of invoice example free download in Microsoft Word and Excel format for you to use.

1. How to prepare an invoice – examples and introduction

Information that should be included in an invoice includes:

A generic invoice should contain: The word “invoice” A unique reference number (in case of correspondence about the invoice) Date of the invoice Name and contact details of the seller Tax or company registration details of seller (if relevant) Name and contact details of the buyer/ customer – Purchaser’s name or firm name Date that the product was sent or delivered or the service or services rendered,or the work that was done. Purchase order number (or similar tracking numbers requested by the buyer to be mentioned on the invoice) Description of the product(s) -(sales invoice) or of the services ( service invoice) Unit price(s) of the product(s) (if relevant) Total amount charged (optionally with breakdown of taxes, if relevant) Payment terms (including method of payment, date of payment, and details about charges late payment) Discount,total before discount,and total after discount. (if relevant) Tax,total before tax,and total after tax. (if relevant) Shipping details if different from buyer details.The US Defense Logistics Agency requires an employer identification number on invoices.

If you are permitted to submit your invoice via email then it is useful to convert the invoice into PDF format so that it cannot be altered. There is a free PDF creator which you can use at PDFCreator. This creates a PDF file from any application which can then be emailed to the client.

Better off, if you can use a software system, it will automatically generate invoice in PFD format, you can also email it straight away from within the a software program.

2. Invoice examples and best practices

Invoices are just part of the picture that mirrors the company’s image and business standing. A successful business will have a good template that has all the details. The important details are of the company, the buyer and the shipment. There should be the logo and contact details of the company on the very top of an invoice. This should be followed by details of the buyer and the destination of the shipment. The details of the shipment should clearly outline what it consists of, the quantities as well as the unit cost of each item. This should be followed by the cost of the purchase, other costs, any tax that has been included and lastly the total cost of the shipment.

Your invoice should be prompt, so that you can get paid by your clients on time, while invoicing is not a fun task, it’s a necessary one: by keeping clients informed of your expectations, you will get paid punctually and reinforce your professionalism.

After going over some best practices for creating invoices, I will review some great (and not so great) invoicing practices, so that you can spend less time creating invoices and more time doing the things you love!

So here are some general guidelines, best practices and examples that will help you make sure your invoices are up to specification.

a.Their Details and Yours – must be complete This is basic stuff, but you can’t afford to forget it. In addition to the client’s address, make sure to include the name of the client’s contact person who handles your account! A company with three employees can figure out what you’re doing; but in big companies, invoices get misplaced, especially if there’s confusion over who belongs to which project.

You’ll also need your company name, your name, address, telephone number and email address. If they have any questions about the charges, contacting you should be as easy as possible.

b.Itemized List of Services – must be specific People want to know what they’ve paid for. Most people will not pay for something described merely as “Design.” Tell them exactly what they have received: e.g. “Design of three-page static website for Sporting Goods Department.” Be as specific as possible. In five years, would both you and the client know what you meant by your description? Also, specify whether the charge is project-based or hourly.

c. Include Your Terms – must be clear When do you expect the client to pay you? What happens if they miss the deadline? To be able to send follow-up or overdue notices or to charge interest, you need a rock-solid paper trail that no one can argue with.

d. Let Them Know How to Pay You – must be easy Do you want a cheque mailed to you, a money transfer, flowers? Be explicitly clear about what you expect and in what form. It is usually best to discuss with the client beforehand their preferred method or to come to an agreement about a method you both like.

If you want a money transfer, provide all the necessary information. Foreign transfers need more than your account number: in some countries, you need your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) or a Bank Identifier Code (BIC). International transfers also double-charge you: the client’s bank might charge you $20, and your own bank might charge you another $15 to accept the payment. Make it clear which of you will absorb these charges, and talk it out with them. PayPal is another option, but you still get charged a percentage of the transaction.

e. Numbers and Numbers and Records and Books – must be trackable Referring to “invoice #9048,” rather than “That invoice I sent you last month, I think on a Tuesday,” is much easier to track for both you and your client.

Assign numbers to your invoices systematically, consistently and chronologically. Some people number their invoices by year (for example, 2009043 would be the 43rd invoice of 2009). You could also specify a code for the project. For example, ABC06 would be the 6th invoice for the ABC project that you’re currently working on. Having an invoice and project numbering system keeps everything in line.

f. Thank Them, and Ask Them to Thank You – must be sincere Money is often a touchy subject, so politeness about it is a good idea. Your clients are paying you money that they’ve earned with blood, sweat and tears, so let them know you appreciate it. You should also invite them to contact you if they have any questions and, more importantly, make it clear that you appreciate their present (and future) business.

Some people also welcome testimonials; for example, by adding, “Let us know how we did. Write a testimonial and sent to… ” If you’re building your website’s testimonials page or want to complete the feedback loop, this is a great way to get clients to give feedback on your work. If they have suggestions for making the process smoother, it’s also a great opportunity for you to improve.

g. Don’t Forget: You’re a Designer – must be professional Imagine this, you’re at an expensive restaurant. Every detail is perfect: the food was fantastic, the service excellent and the atmosphere rich and plush. Then, you receive the bill, which is printed on cheap paper with low-quality ink. What would you remember about this experience?

Most people spend hours on their website design, business cards and resumes but then use a template for their invoice. The invoice is your last contact with your client, and it should share the attention to detail, branding and style of your other elements. By creating a beautiful, clear invoice, you are saying that you care about the little details.

Most importantly, make sure you have all the necessary information. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes and that your spacing is consistent. Customize your invoice as much as you can. Your logo is a must, but colors and a style that match your other branding items will make it a joy to pay (well, as much as is possible).

3.Invoice example With GST & PST An invoice not only shows the customer or client how much money is due but provides tax information, in some countries multiple taxes may apply, for example in Canada it is required to put the Supplier’s identification numbers for GST and QST taxes purposes. Whenever a taxable sale is made, the customer must be informed that GST and QST are added to the selling price. As there are no standard invoices required by law for this purpose, you must indicate the amount of the taxes on the cash register receipt; on the invoice or contract remitted to the customer. If you choose to indicate the GST and the QST, the amounts must be stated clearly.The European Union requires a VAT (value added tax) identification number on invoices between entities registered for VAT.

There are certain pieces of information that have to be on your invoices if you are charging GST, HST and/or PST. Your invoice must include:

•your business name

•the date of the invoice

•your Business Number (also known as the GST Registration Number)

•the purchaser’s name

•a brief description of the goods or services performed

•the total amount paid or payable

•the terms of payment

•an indication of items subject to GST at 5% or HST at the appropriate provincial rate, or that the items are exempt, and either the total amount of GST/HST charged, or a statement that the GST/HST is included and the total rate of tax

•if applicable, an indication of items subject to PST (also known as RST) at the provincial rate, or that the items are exempt, and either the total amount of PST charged, or a statement that the PST is included and the total rate of tax.

4.About proforma invoice

A Proforma invoice is an invoice provided by a supplier in advance of providing the goods or service. A quotation in the form of an invoice prepared by the seller that details items which would appear on a commercial invoice if an order results. It is more of a customs declaration form used in international trade that describes the parties involved in the shipping transaction, the goods being transported, and the value of the goods. It is the primary document to declare value for customs. It is not a true invoice, because the seller does not record a pro forma invoice as an accounts receivable and the buyer does not record a pro forma invoice as an accounts payable.

Proforma invoices basically contain much of the same information as the formal quotation, and in many cases can be used in place of one. It should give the buyer as much information about the order as possible so arrangements can be made efficiently. The invoices inform the buyer and the appropriate import government authorities details of the future shipment; changes should not be made without the buyer’s consent.

As mentioned for the quotation, the points to be included in the proforma are:

1.Seller’s name and address
2.Buyer’s name and address
3.Buyer’s reference
4.Items quoted
5.Prices of items: per unit and extended totals
6.Weights and dimensions of quoted products
7.Discounts, if applicable
8.Terms of sale (include delivery point)
9.Terms of payment
10.Estimated shipping date
11.Validity date

When a buyer asks for a quotation the seller should always provide a pro-forma invoice. A pro-forma invoice is an invoice sent in advance of the commercial invoice, which is the final bill that the buyer agrees to pay. Some of the advantages of pro-forma invoice to the importer include to show to his government for foreign currency allocation, opening letters of credit and most importantly, to have a detailed information on the transaction that can help him plan. An accurate and professionally submitted pro forma-invoice can help buyers to make a decision and agree to the quotation.

5.How to Find a Good Invoice Example Online

If you are a new businesses and need to issue official business documents like invoices, receipts, purchase orders and the like. It is not easy to come up with an appropriate format or template in a few minutes. Fortunately, the internet has been providing information such as finding a good invoice example.

As long you are looking for something online, you have to be prepared to face some hurdles. There are numerous hurdles that you will encounter and the top on the list are scams. Although you may find an invoice format or template that you think is good, you may be made to pay a lot of money for it. It is thus important to look for trustworthy sites that will not use up a huge chunk of the company funds.

One such site is the Microsoft site. The site offers businesses different templates for all the forms and documents needed to keep a company running. It is also the best place to find an invoice example, which will look perfect and above all official and professional.

The following are a few types of Microsoft Word and Excel invoice example I had developed which you can download and use freely from my blog link at the bottom of this article.